EOS®: A Game-Changer During Uncertain Times

The COVID19 pandemic has upended things for both small and large businesses. Companies are in a state of panic and fear, incurring historic losses and not knowing what’s to come next. Those that lack a simple system to clarify, communicate, and achieve their vision might not even recover.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® can improve business stability during uncertain times and will continue to be a game-changer when the current climate improves.  Companies are relying on EOS tools to navigate the economic disruption.

Below are the tools that have proven to be the most helpful for businesses.

1. Level 10 Meeting™

The importance of team meetings has grown manifolds since the coronavirus outbreak. Many people are working from home and missing the kind of communication that happens in the office.  Businesses have realized how crucial a communication tool like a Level 10 Meeting can be during uncertain times.

A Level 10 Meeting is a 90-minute, weekly meeting that consistently starts and ends on time.  Thanks to this tool, teams can meet virtually, reevaluate their Rocks (tasks), and review their priorities. It helps steer the leadership team in one direction and makes it easier for them to make smart business decisions.

2. EOS Scorecard™

The key to maintaining business stability during uncertain times is to keep a close eye on business operations and focus on opportunities to move forward.

The EOS Scorecard is a critical EOS tool that helps you pay attention to what’s going on within the company and with the team. The metrics help you stay on top of your business health and growth. It offers valuable insight into how the business is changing and in which areas it’s struggling. Knowing where your business stands during uncertain times is a surefire way to be resilient and steadfast amid disruption. The key is to review the EOS Scorecard every week at your L10 Meeting.  

3. Vision Component™

The Vision Component is perhaps the most impactful component of EOS. It helps the leadership team develop an in-depth understanding of what’s important, enhancing their focus and bringing attention to priority matters.

With this component, the leadership team will be “on the same page”. Thus, they can prepare for the worst and implement the needed changes proactively. They can discuss the most critical issues with EOS and hold each other accountable.

The Vision Component encourages businesses to give its people the autonomy to take initiatives and make decisions. The team can set SMART Rocks together and then develop innovative solutions to achieve them during uncertain times.

Need Business Stability during Uncertain Times?

EOS provides companies with the tools they need to adjust instead of panic during uncertain times. EOS implementation is the best way to get to the root cause of unprecedented business problems and come out on top in the future.

If you’re interested in implementing EOS to strengthen your business during the crisis, contact Mark TODAY!

Mark is a Certified EOS Implementer® who wants to work with the best of the best. He’ll help you achieve all your business goals by doing EOS® pure.

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