How to Identify, Discuss, Solve Problems with EOS®

Want to know the secret to productive internal meetings and consistently profitable business decisions?

The answer lies in the fourth EOS® component, the Issues Component™! This component is about introducing a discipline called IDS™ to take your problem-solving game to the next level.

IDS is a frequently used tool within the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, as all businesses have short and long-term issues to work out. And let's make it clear, keeping track of these issues is only half the battle. Your team must master the discipline of IDS if you want your business to succeed.

Let’s discuss how to IDS with EOS.

Step 1: Identify

The first step is to identify the real issue. You may have to dig deep to capture it because oftentimes, the stated problem isn’t the real issue. Once the issue has been identified, consider writing it down for the following reasons:

  • To build an Issues List that will serve as an agenda for your business meetings
  • To free up your mental space and have all ideas jotted down somewhere safe

Step 2: Discuss

The next step is to discuss the problem in an open environment where everyone is encouraged to be honest and straightforward. This step involves rewording the issue to make it more understandable and manageable. Make sure you stay vigilant and on track throughout the discussion to get to the solution faster.

You may want to empower someone from your leadership team to manage the discussions and prevent redundancy. Also, be prepared for any conflict that may arise when emotions flare and encourage everyone to have the greater good in mind.

Step 3: Solve

Making a decision seems so simple, yet people fail to do it. Discussion without action isn’t going to get you anywhere. Reaching an agreement and finding the solution is more important than what you decide to do. Your business will make real progress only when you’re able to make decisions.

Once the solution is stated, see if everyone agrees to it or needs to take a step back and discuss some things over. If you can’t reach an agreement, the Integrator may be entrusted to make the final decision. You can then convert the action steps into a to-do list and set a deadline for it.

The Bottom Line

You must strengthen the Issues Component if you want to see your business running smoothly on optimal levels in the long run. The success of your business depends on your team’s ability to Identify, Discuss, and Solve problems with EOS. Now that you know how to IDS with EOS, you must understand that you might not get everyone to agree on a solution. However, as long as they are all heard, you can expect them to support and live with the final decision. Once the decision has been made, your team should be united moving forward!

Mark is a Certified EOS Implementer® who wants to work with the best of the best. He’ll help you achieve all your business goals by doing EOS® pure.

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